**Each month we interview member playwrights to share their work, stories and inspiration with the community. We recently spoke with Valerie Sing Turner, the founding Artistic Producer of Visceral Visions, founder|Creative Director of CultureBrew.Art, and an acknowledged leader on issues of diversity and decolonization in the Canadian arts sector. A multidisciplinary artist who performs, writes, directs, dramaturges, and produces, Valerie has 20+ years’ experience performing onstage and onscreen, and as a voiceover artist in animation, new media, and CBC radio dramas and short-story narrations. She is the recipient of the Enbridge playRites Award for Emerging Canadian Playwright and the John…

Playwrights Guild of Canada

Established in 1972, PGC is a registered national arts service association committed to advancing the creative rights and interests of Canadian playwrights.

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